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I currently work as a Senior Linux Systems Administrator for a major web hosting company. I handle top tier issues for a wide variety of clients. These issues generally relate to Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP with a strong focus on Cpanel and Plesk. I am Cpanel certified with RHCSA certification and have a strong troubleshooting comprehension in regards to Cpanel (and Linux) servers in general. I generally handle high stress, top tier related problems and pride myself in my ability to retain frustrated clients.

I have been in charge of decision making for dozens of shared servers with hundreds of clients on each. I handled disaster recovery and troubleshooting for a wide variety of issues. When tiered technicians needed to make changes or needed assistance on these servers I was the person that made judgement calls and guided them through it. I have since moved past shared environments and work strictly on dedicated and virtual private servers.

I work with a wide variety of clients (30,000 Clients Worldwide; over 150 Countries) and resolve issues spanning across multiple thousands of servers and 5 locations worldwide.

I have on the job bash scripting experience and have created bash scripts to preform job tasks more efficiently. I have written scripts that are utilized by large amounts of team members in order to access information on a server quickly. These are used thousands of times per week by fellow team members. I also work closely with the puppet provisioning system and diagnose and troubleshoot this on a daily basis.

My degree and schooling stems from a networking background which I still have a strong knowledge of and work with regularly but I have in addendum added System Administration to my skill sets and have been working in this field for the last five years.